Scentbird: A Smart Way To Buy Your Fragrance

Scentbird: A Smart Way To Buy Your Fragrance

Main_productSticking to one scent feels stifling and outdated. In fact, sixty percent of women who wear perfume switch between multiple fragrances and the No. 1 reason women buy perfume is to get something new or different. With Scentbird you can basically “Date” perfumes before “marrying” them for $14.95 a month. So, if you have been dying to try a specific perfume lately, Scentbird  probably has it, and it caters to men and women.

How it works? 

When you sign up, you take a preferences quiz to help them suggest recommendations for you to try from their database of over 350 luxury scents—spanning the beauty alphabet from Armani, Dior, Gucci, Hermes, YSL and other cool indie brands waiting to be discovered—and you can also go browse and rate the rest of their selection to make the recommendations even more accurate. You can build a queue of fragrances you’d like to try or you can let yourself be surprised every month based on the suggestions. Because new perfumes are constantly hitting store shelves, Scentbird plans to add the launches to its roster as they happen! Read their full story here.

Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 9.10.06 AM

What you get.

1. Brand-name perfumes or indie brands
2. Reusable case great to travel with
3. Generous supply that lasts you a month: 0.27 oz / 8 ml atomizer of a 100% authentic perfume
4. You save 50% (2 times cheaper than a rollerball)
5. You call the shots (never receive a scent you haven’t asked for, pick from 350+ designer and niche)
6. Cause you just never know (you don’t get stuck with a bottle of fragrance you don’t love. Wear the scent for a month to see if it is truly the perfect match)

As the Christmas season fast approaching, this may be the perfect gift for him or for her. You can either choose to go for the gif set or get a gift subscription for your love one can choose the perfume or cologne they want for -3 -6 or -12 months starting at $44.

2 thoughts on “Scentbird: A Smart Way To Buy Your Fragrance

  1. I saw Scentbird on many blogs recently and it’s such a great idea! I so much wish we had something like that in Poland where I live because I always have the problem with picking the right perfume (so many times I got some and then couldn’t wear them because they bothered me..).


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